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Know what people talk about brands in your industry

Regular reports keep you updated on talk in the virtual corner shops. Listen feedback on how people use your offering, perceive your brand and talk about your competitors. Dig deep into new hot topics or browse through zero-effort scheduled reports quickly. Read more »


Hear news first

Get alerts to your mailbox when new topics start to spread – before they escalate into PR issues. Be on the top of things to turn the tone of talk to your advantage or to control damage. Read more »


Improve Marketing Impact

Easily measure which promotion methods best get your message to the audience. Get more bang for your marketing bucks. The charts are ready in minutes and you can read the chat behind them to see exactly what your audience receives and remembers. Read more »

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Analyze Engangement Impact

Our versatile reports help you track how your invested work in Facebook, blogs or Twitter is winning you audience, influence and viral spread.Read more »

Measuring engagement

Get the reports done for you

Order tailored analysis about your brand, competitors and industry online. Get your social media strategy up to speed from day one with an initial survey from our seasoned social media veterans. Brand visibility analysis reviews your presence in social media for regular reports or before and after marketing campaigns.


The right information for the right people

People in different roles – marketing, sales, business intelligence or human resources – need different reports. Our solutions have proven to scale for the whole organization’s diverse needs.

We monitor

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