Whitevector Agency

Whitevector collaborates with several agencies. Through us, you can build campaigns, surveys, studies or continuous monitoring services for your customers. As your own skill and expertise develops, you can take control and create your own services based on our reports. The Agency License model allows you full access to conduct research and produce reports on behalf of your client, as well as an easy and inexpensive way to use social media for your own proactive customer development.

You can research and analyse social media and conduct deep analysis on a topic of interest to your client, and guide them on the most effective way to reach their consumer – where they are and what to discuss. Such trials are becoming increasingly important in the future, as internet investment continues to grow strongly.

By capturing and analysing the discussions, you can plan what to say and where to focus, based on an assessment of the consumers’ attitudes and the hottest discussion topics.

Our services help you know what, where and who are discussing a particular client company’s products or services. Using qualitative and quantitative research as the basis for planning your customer’s social media strategy will create a more positive corporate image online and increase customer satisfaction.

Finally, as an agency, by analysing your customers’ own social media presence you can develop and deepen your own relationships with these customers.

Pricing Details:
Starting from €500 / Month

14 day free trial

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