Social networks and discussions in them influence consumers’ purchase decisions, brand images and company reputation more and more. Whitevector helps companies to make use of these discussions in their brand management, tactical marketing and communications.

Whitevector is a pioneer in measuring and analysing social media. The company’s main product is the Internet-based Whitevector Insight service. The service’s versatile reporting possibilities enable effective studying of different issues. Information retrieval and language technology based on years of university studies operate in the Whitevector Insight background.

Whitevector was founded in 2006. Our business activity is international with majority of our clients and partners situated in Great Britain and the Nordic countries. Our offices are situated in Helsinki.

Whitevector is a privately owned company. Its biggest owners include capital investment company Inventure.

In brief

Founded in
Main product
Whitevector Insight
Main markets
Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Germany, France, the Benelux countries, Italy, Spain, Russia