Whitevector Insight

The Whitevector Insight License meets the social media monitoring, reporting and analytics needs of a mature social media strategy. When you subscribe we set up the service and optimise the data. You can conduct your own research on topics and format that serve you best. Stay up to date by receiving automatic reports. Distribute charts and conversation summaries easily to anyone within your organization.

Reputation management

Provides an overview of your brand and related topics across social media including sentiment and trend analysis. Read more »


Monitor and evaluate campaign targets. Validate that your marketing and communications messages are being received, understood and impacting customers as planned. Read more »

Engagement and influencers

Identify the most important bloggers and social media evangelists. Build a database of influencers and channels to use in future media activity. Read more »


Conduct your own analysis with tailored reports that you create exactly as you need. Ideal for specialised, focussed research, e.g. in connection with product launches. Tailor reports and share them within organization in handy PDF format.


Social Media Monitoring – Know Talk in the Virtual Corner Shop

Listen feedback on how people use your offering, perceive your brand and talk about your competitors. Check how your marketing message gets across: what people remember and what is their sentiment towards your company or brand. Learn about your customers’ wants and needs and read them comparing your offering to your competitors. Plan and focus your message to guide the associations to the desired direction.

chat report in mailbox

Reputation Management – Hear News First

Whitevector Insight supports triggered alerts which are send to your mailbox when talk surges. After logging in, the volume chart shows you quickly and easily when the surge started and how long it has continued. You can easily dig deep into conversation peaks to see how talk develops with time and how specific brands, issues and concerns are addressed. Alternatively, you can stay updated by spending 5 minutes a week reading automatic reports when you have time. Getting them requires zero effort from you after the initial setup.

conversation peak

Marketing And Communication Analytics

Whitevector Insight excels in validating that your message gets across. Volume measures how well you get consumers’ attention. Word clouds, associations and sentiment analysis measure what images the audience associates with your brands. Site lists capture viral spreading into several different forums.

You will learn make charts like below on any topic you want in minutes, not weeks or months as is the case with phone surveys. Clicking on conversation peaks and reading the chat behind will give you access to consumers’ spontaneous thoughts.

Does your company use significant money for advertising? Then ask yourself which helps you reach more consumers: Extra 480€ for advertising, or Whitevector Insight license to get more bang for your bucks by better measuring and targeting promotion methods and messages.

Designed For Groupwork

Share chart presentations as PDF reports or export the data to Excel and mash it up with other Big Data sources.

Engagement And Influencers

Our Facebook charts support Facebook’s own analytics, providing deeper insights into activity around Facebook pages. Measure and optimize methods to bring the most activity to your site. Site list charts help you identify how high your site ranks in desired topics. Sentiment charts show how your participation improves overall conversation tone about your brands.

Pricing Details:
Starting from €480 / Month

14 day free trial