Whitevector Stream

Whitevector Stream license is an easy and inexpensive way to monitor online media and explore the significance of social media for your company. Its simple view highlights the recent news in full coverage and shows the important social media conversations. Mention volumes, news articles and discussion threads and overall performance is presented for your own brand, your competitors and the industry overall.


Social Media Monitoring – Know Talk in the Virtual Corner Shop

Listen feedback on how people use your offering, perceive your brand and talk about your competitors. Check how your marketing message gets across: what people remember and what is their sentiment towards your company or brand. Learn about your customers’ wants and needs and read them comparing your offering to others. Plan and focus your message to guide the associations to the desired direction.


Reputation Management – Hear News First

Whitevector Stream supports triggered alerts which are send to your mailbox when talk surges. After logging in, the volume chart shows you quickly and easily when the surge started and how long it has continued. You can easily dig deep into conversation peaks to see how talk develops with time and how specific brands, issues and concerns are addressed. Alternatively, you can stay updated by spending 5 minutes a week reading automatic reports when you have time. Getting them requires zero effort from you after the initial setup.


Pricing Details:
Starting €125 / Month

14 day free trial